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So, I haven't posted forever because life is unimportant. But books matter and I just bought great imposing stacks of them.

    cheap used books from harvard bookstore
  • En attendant Godot - beckett lol
  • ESPERANTO: A COMPLETE COURSE FOR BEGINNERS - just so I have a comeback when eurofags bother me about my patriotic monolingualism
  • Borges and the Eternal Orangutans - meh, brain candy
  • Latin for Even More Occasions:
    Another Latin book?
    Now you say,
    "Est admodum quod volvi!"
    (it's just what I wanted.)
    "Ecce, deuvo ago, sicut soleo! Non enim possum facere quia Latine loquav."
    Amusante, n'est-ce pas?
    Well, tete oblecta!
    (have fun)
    -Elyabett JAN. '92
  • Confessions of a Mask - "AH YES! Cut me! No, this isn't homoerotic sadomasichism, it's ancient samurai virtue..."
    (Note: I was going to make an AIDs joke here, then changed my mind because I didn't want to offend people. Then I realized I'm actually an ass and so added this note, hoping someone would be offended.)

    MIT Press Book Store
  • Consciousness: a user's guide - I actually paid real money for this, so it better be interesting. It looks like a good overview, with a decent amount fof wit.
  • Inside & Out of Byzantium - "I think in different languages, my black is your white, and vice-versa. I try to think metaphorically and expect you to follow the abstract patterns of my thought." Short stories.
  • Belief Reports and the Structure of Believing - honestly, I just want material to bother my ToK teacher with. But it also mentions QUINE. Fuck you, analytic-synthetic distinction.
  • Historical Linguistics: An Introduction - HARK, STRANGER! Do you obey GRIMM's LAW?
  • What Every Engineer SHould Know About AI -(
    I've actually read part of this one. It's dated (1988) but awwright.
    (However, the author has a twisted mind:
    (Query? Flee? No.
    Fight? No.
    Feed? No.
    Attempt to Fondle!!
    Result: Skinny, Big green Eyes,
    Nice Legs, Bright.
    Decision: "Hey baby, I/O?"

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